architecture visualisation

architecture visualisation

architecture visualisation

architecture visualisation

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What are architectural visualizations?

Architectural visualization is the visual representation of planned architecture. During the design phase of a building or in the course of marketing real estate, the visualization serves the three-dimensional, aesthetic examination and presentation of the planned idea.

renderwerk creates beautiful pictures and films of buildings, whereby we attach great importance to photorealistic representation power.

Why visualize architecture?

  • 3D visualizations of renderwerk support the presentation of a design idea and the development of architectural design.
  • In contrast to two-dimensional plan representations or verbal explanations, atmospheric images can be understood immediately and inspire emotionally.
  • A detailed visualization built into a photo of the building site allows a realistic view into the future.
  • Visualizations support sales and marketing.


Can you distinguish photo AND visualization?


This picture was taken by an architectural photographer after completion of the building.

Architecture: architecture   /   Photo: Angelo Kaunat

Visualisations in the planning phase allow a realistic assessment of furniture and design elements, lighting concepts, materials, proportions - right up to the overall spatial effect.

7 Steps to SUCCESSFUL Architectural Visualization

1. plan preparation

The digital plan material provided by you is cleaned up for our purposes and converted into a usable format.

2. model making

From the 2D data of the plans we build a true-to-scale 3D model. If you have already created a 3D model, we can use it in most cases, which of course affects the price.

3. texturing

Now the surfaces of the 3D model are covered with materials from our extensive library according to your specifications.

4. camera position

In this phase, the viewpoints from which the building is to be viewed are fixed. The building can be built into virtual or photographed backgrounds. Aerial photos are also possible!

5. equipment

After the release of the camera position we begin with the equipment of the scene with light, people, furniture, outside facilities, cars, etc..

6. rendering

Now the image from our render farm is calculated or generated in a process lasting several hours.

7. post-processing

The final step is to create the right mood for your project using a variety of elements, accents and effects.

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architectural visualizations


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